Cooperation between schools and the rest of the society

There are no concerns in education that wouldn’t be the ones of our own. All our co-citizens could have a role in the development and facilitation of our students. On one hand our schools need a well-functioning network and good connection with the rest of the society. On the other hand all our people need a clear understanding how today’s Estonian school is faring and how they can support our education.

The President of the Republic of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves


“Back to School” is a civil society initiative with the objective of strengthening the cooperation between Estonian schools and the rest of the society. We invite guest teachers to schools – to carry out lessons and share their experience. Guest teachers, these are active citizens, parents, alumni, students and everyone else who are ready to play their part. The lessons of guest teachers bring practical knowledge and experience from various fields of life, contributing to a more diverse education for students. For teachers the “Back to School” initiative  creates significant value for meeting the goals in the national curriculum and for widening their personal network with people who wish to contribute to the development of our next generation.

The central tool of the initative is the info system which gathers the data from teachers and guest teachers about their lesson preferences and contact details, enabling both parties identify matching cooperation partners. Read more about the info system here.


The “Back to School” initiative was started in 2007 by Noored Kooli (Youth to School) Foundation. With the support of the President of the Republic of Estonia it has reached thousands of people and has continued to grow ever since. The initiative is lead by Triin Noorkõiv and Tiina Pauklin, the alumni of Noored Kooli program.  The strategic partner of ”Back to School” initiative is Swedbank. The development of the info system  was funded by the governing area of the Minister for Regional Affairs, the National Foundation of Civil Society and Swedbank.