Guest lessons

Guest lessons are the core of the “Back to School” initiative. Guest teachers, teachers and students meet each other through the topics that are chosen for lessons.

Hereby we tackle choice of lesson topics from two perspectives.

On one hand we will offer the opportunity to collect ideas from the guest lessons that have been held in the past.

One the other hand we will take a look at the framework of lesson topics which is mainly based on Estonian national curriculum (incl subjects, cross-curricular topics and general competences), with the addition of a few “Back to School” specific topics. For common understanding, we shall call all of them “fields” of lessons.

In the “Back to School” info system you are asked to connect any specific lesson topic that you may enter with a standardised field, so that there could be a way to have systemic search key words which can be used by the users to find each other and to connect the individual topics to the day-to-day lessons at schools.


We shall proceed with the fields of lessons. Should you want to take a look at the examples of lesson topics first, click here.


Fields of lessons

The list of fields is rather wide. Among other things, you can find here the opportunity to get an overview of what is taught in schools in Estonia, and think about those fields with which your guest lessons could match in the best way. It may make sense to note down the fields that are of your interest, so that you could use them for finding potential cooperation partners via the Search tool in the info system after you have logged in.

“Back to School” specific topics
My life experience
My work
One hundred reasons why it is good to live in Estonia

Cross-curricular topics
Civic  initative and enterprise
Cultural identity
Environment and sustainable development
Health and safety
Information environment
Lifelong learning and career planning
Technology and innovation
Values and morality

General competences
Communication competence
Entrepreneurship competence
Learning to learn competence
Mathematics competence
Self-management competence
Social competence
Value competence

Language and literature
Estonian language
Estonian literature
Russian language
Russian literature
English language
English literature
German language
German literature
French language
French literature
Other language
Other literature


Natural science
Physical geography

Social studies
Civics and citizenship education
Human geography
Personal, social and health education

Art subjects

Handicraft and home economics
Technology studies

Physical education

Optional courses
Bases of inquiry
Career education
Economic and business studies
– Business studies
– Economic studies
National defence
– National defence
– Practical studies at a military field camp
Religious studies
– People and religion
– The religious landscape of Estonia
Language and literature optional courses in upper secondary school
– Contemporary foreign literature
– Contemporary Russian literature
– Drama and theatre
– Literature and film
– Literature and society
– Myth and literature
– Russian language in Estonia
– Speech and debate
– World literature from antiquity to the 18th century
Mathematics optional courses in upper secondary school
– Elements of discreet mathematics part 1
– Elements of discreet mathematics part 2
– Elements of economical mathematics
– Elements of number theory part 1
– Elements of number theory part 2
– Logic
– Planimetry part 1. Geometry of triangles and circles
– Planimetry part 2. Geometry of plygons and circles
Natural science optional courses in upper secondary school
– Another kind of physics
– Applied biology
– Chemistry of elements
– Chemistry of life
– Geoinformatics
– Physics and engineering
– Principals of chemical processes
Social studies optional courses in upper secondary school
– Everyday law
– General history – history of European countries and the United States of America
– General history – world history: civilization outside Europe The globalizing world
– Introduction to philosophy
– Philosophy today
– Psychology
Physical education optional courses in upper secondary school
– Physical abilities and motor skills
– Physical exercises in the open air
Interdisciplinary optional courses in upper secondary school
– Basics of programming and development of software applications
– Mechatronics and robotics
– Natural science, technology and society
– Technical drawing
– Using computers for inquiry
– 3D modelling




Example topics from guest lessons in the past

Here you can find the topics of guest lessons in the past years in no particular order.

Eating healthy
University studies
How to write a CV
Working as a journalist
Japanese society and language
HIV and how to protect oneself from it
Body language
Alternative energy
The history of French cinema
Words, language and self-expression
Taxation system in Estonia
Time management
Mathematics everywhere
What is law
Baroque garden
Civil society
Environmental protection
Alternative bands
Working behind cameras
How ideas are born
Contemporary waste management
Weather through the perspective of aviation
Becoming an entrepreneur
Journey under sails
Fire safety
All powerful media?
Learning through playing
Trees, forests and parks
How does sound come about?
EU candidate countries
Mobile positioning
Design – image and reality
Being a dentist
The world in 2030
Emotional intelligence
Integration processes in Estonia
Engineering career
The rights of children
Being a captain of a ship
Missions to Afghanistan
Event management
How a film is made
Bread-making workship
South pole
Stenbock house
Social behaviour of animals