Info system

The central tool of the “Back to School” initiative is the info system that enables all its users to find cooperation partners – teachers and guest teachers – based on their common interests.

The system provides opportunities for guest teachers and teachers to register their lessons and other common activities throughout the whole school year. The development of the info system was funded by the governing area of the Minister for Regional Affairs, the National Foundation of Civil Society and Swedbank.

You can register and log in to the info system as you click on the respective buttons “Register” / “Log in” in the upper right corner of this page.


Within the context of the info system and the “Back to School” initiative, the term teacher defines people who work in schools. The term guest teacher is for the people who work in other walks of life but are interested in contributing towards the development of students and Estonian education, hosting at least one lesson at school.

We gladly offer users any help and advice they might need. Also, we will improve the pages here constantly – based on the feedback we receive. Should you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please let us know. You can find our contact details right here.

The users of the info system should take note of the following principles.

1. The “Back to School” info system has been developed as a civil society initiative to encourage the cooperation between teachers and guest teachers. On one hand, it gathers the information about guest teachers, and on the other hand, about teachers, allowing both parties find cooperation partners based on their interests.

2. The info system does not replace direct communication. Teachers and guest teachers should contact each other by phone or e-mail in order to agree on the details of the lesson or other projects: their content, timing, location etc.

You are welcome also contact other teachers or guest teachers who are not in the info system yet, initiate cooperation with them and invite them to join the “Back to School” initiative.

3. The data inside the info system changes. Every user can edit the information about themselves. In addition, there are always new users signing up for the info system; also, the accounts can be closed.

4. The info system does not provide “quality control”. Mutual expectations must be set by the parties among each other, background information should be checked whenever needed. As part of the system, we offer the opportunity for the users to verify themselves via their employer; this step requires the employer to get invoved with the “Back to School” initiative.

5. Information about the lessons should be entered to the “Back to School” info system. This allows the users to keep their personal archive of the lessons and share the overview of their experience as a teacher or a guest teacher participating in the “Back to School” initiative.

The information that is shared through the system also allows participation in the recognition programs that are based on individual level, school, local authority or county level. In addition, providing prompt information about the lessons assures trustworthy data about the initiative and its results, providing opportunities for sustainable operation: the mapping of its impact,  further development and providing input to its partners for the financial decisions regarding the support of the initiative.

This also means that we kindly ask you to invite your cooperation partner to register in the info system should she / he not be having the account yet.

6. We provide all the support we can to help you find solutions to the questions related to the info system. You are always welcome to contact us – we shall look for the best way to address your enquiry. You can find our contacts here.