Good conduct for choosing the lesson content

The “Back to School” guest lessons serve educational purpose and are aimed at providing a more meaningful learning for students. The guest lessons are not for advertising products or services. It is also not desired that you would hand out any marketing materials or other products to students. Should you have any doubt about the border line issues, please consult the teacher who is your cooperation partner for the specific lesson.

In case of ignoring the good conduct described above, the teacher has the right to terminate the guest lesson. The “Back to School” team reserves the right to terminate the guest teacher’s participation in the initiative.

Planning your school visit

Should there be a chance, we reccomend you asking the teacher who is your cooperation partner whether you can arrive at school already before your lesson or stay longer afterwards. Use that time to talk to students, teachers or school leadership. Find out how the school is doing, what are the challenges they are facing and progress they are making. We hope that this encourages useful discussions that provide new thoughts and inspire you for next activities as well!


In order to encourage other people to go to schools as well and motivate teachers to involve guest teachers more, we hope you are ready to share your experience and ideas, and speak to journalists as well, should the opportunities arise. If possible, do

  • Speak about your “Back to School” lessons to your friends and colleagues
  • Share your school experience with us through the feedback questionnaire that arrives in your mailbox
  • Write us about your impressions, thoughts and additional feedback using the address; should you be blogging about it, it is sufficient if you forward us the link
  • Speak about your experience in the media