How to work the info system

First, it is important to acquire the “Back to School” vocabulary.

  • Teacher – the teacher who works at school
  • Guest teacher – the person who works in other walks of life and is interested in contributing to the development of students at school and Estonian education by giving at least one lesson
  • Cooperation partner – the necessary second party to host a lesson:  for a teacher it is the guest teacher, and for a guest teacher it is the teacher


When that is done, then while registering to the info system, these are the first most crucial actions:


1. Fill in your profile

That is the only way for you to become visible to potential cooperation partners. The most critical part of it is defining your lesson preferences. On the page of personal data you can make your contact details visible to other users of the system – that is a tool for making it more operational for your potential cooperation partners to contact you.

For filling in your profile, click on the menu “My profile” after you have logged in the system and then select “Change profile”. Step by step you can review and edit differents parts of your profile information. Providing info is voluntary; there’s only the basic principle: the more info there is about you, the higher the likelyhood for your potential cooperation partners to find you.

2. Search

See if there are any potential cooperation partners in the info system that match your preferences (you can find key words for fields of lessons here). If there are, please get in touch with them; if not, come back soon again! In the meanwhile it may also happen that potential cooperation partners find you.


You can find out more about the info system here.

You are more than welcome to contact the “Back to School” team with any questions that may arise along the way. Our e-mail address is You may also call us at +372 574 27645.