At least one lesson

Dear visitor,

The “Back to School” invitation to you is continuously simple – come and host at least one lesson for students anywhere in Estonia. Starting from February 2013 it is more flexible than ever before, as there is the new all-year-round info system to assist you with signing up and finding teachers as your  cooperation partners.

With sharing your life and work experience with students you help to connect school to practical life and create a closer tie between school, the new generation and the rest of the society. The experience of earlier guest teachers has demonstrated that just one lesson may inspire exciting ideas for all the involved parties – students, teachers and guest teachers themselves.

Participation in the “Back to School” initiative also bears the important message of valuing teacher profession. Teachers are the cornerstones of education, designing the quality of education. Guest teaching provides a unique opportunity to get a brief first-hand experience of what this work is like and add your experience and ideas to public understanding and debate about educational issues.

We encourage you to invite along your good friends, family members and colleagues to enable a common re-connection to school life.

Now it is your turn!