Operational capacity improvement

Funded by the NGO Fund of the European Economic Area (EEA), intermediated by the Open Estonia Foundation – till the end of 2014 we carried out a project that enables us to improve the operational capacity of the Back to School initiative.


The background of the project. With the Back to School initative, we have created an open platform for increasing the cooperation between schools and the rest of the society, witnessing here a vast space for growth. Via this project, we are engaging new players-partners into the Back to School initiative as well as Estonian education in general, and search for new opportunities for building the sustainability of the initiative.

The core of the project lied in the interviews, for which we targeted 30 organisations. We carried out the interviews together with Unistused ellu! (Dreams into Reality) network, an initiative at the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We shall use the knowledge acquired through the interviews to engage new players in Estonian education and will share it with stakeholders who could benefit from it. The results of the analysis can be found here (we regret they are only available in Estonian for now).

The impact of the project lies in the mapping of various forms of cooperation, practice sharing and step-by-step change of culture in Estonian society – so that the cooperation between schools and the rest of the society would become commonplace and that hosting at least one guest lesson a year would become a matter of honour for every active citizen.

Contact person: Merle Tiigisoon (e-mail: merle@tagasikooli.ee)