100 e-guest lessons

In schoolyear 2017/18 Back to School with partners brought 100 people and topics in YouTube live to students from 1st to 12th grade. We wanted them to have equal access to quality information and to experience methods that embark transformative learning.

E-guest lesson is a 45-minutes school lesson, where 20 minutes is YouTube live with a guest teacher and 25 minutes is active learning with the teacher.

095 meelis kadarpik ruut

e-külalistund klassis ruut






We reached 83% of Estonian students from 70% of schools in Estonia and Estonian schools in other countries, for example USA or Russia.

There are not enough experts in many important subjects to get to all the schools and help students understand them. And yet internet offers a platform to get this all across. There are many educational videos, but how do make transformative learning happen?

To get students actively engaged, we did 3 things. The lesson answered to a specific question from a student and they could also ask more questions. Every lesson had a lesson plan with new active methods. Lessons were for different age groups to make sure the methods would engage them.

90% of teachers report that the format helps to raise students motivation to learn.

100 e-guest lessons is a gift to Estonia for its 100th birthday. Thank you to EV100, Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapital, Overall Eesti and Swedbank Eesti.

See the lesson videos at YouTube and get the lessonplans here. You can find more information (in Estonian) here.